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St Michaels Church, Beccles, Suffolk

“In 2018 Aldis & May carried out a major conservation and preservation project on the south porch of our church.  The porch is the most architecturally significant feature of the building and therefore it was essential that the work was done effectively and with sensitivity.  We were very pleased that the project was completed on time and on budget.  However, what impressed us even more, was the outstanding quality of their craftsmanship, their professionalism, their expertise and their commitment to ensuring that we, the clients, were fully informed about, and engaged with, the work being carried out.  As a PCC and congregation we are immensely pleased both with the work that Aldis & May did for us and with the very positive and fruitful working relationship between us as clients and contractors.  We will be using Aldis and May in all future conservation and preservation work on the church; they are excellent people to work with.”

- Phil Filer - Buildings Project Officer
Cathedral Church of St Marie, Sheffield

“We were absolutely delighted with the conservation work that Katie and her team did on the hand painted tiles at St Marie’s Cathedral. Not only did they clean them beautifully, but also magically and invisibly recreated missing elements so that our tiles now look as they were designed to. We were particularly pleased with the effort Katie took to minimise disruption and to explain her work to all the people who came into our church.”

- John Williams - Project Manager
Swiss Gardens, The Shuttleworth Collection

"Sam was part of the original team of Pulhamite experts (led by Simon Swann) who worked on the various late 19th century features here at the Swiss Garden during an extensive Heritage Lottery funded restoration of the garden in 2012-14.  We were thrilled with the results, and the care that was taken to accurately reflect the original finish to garden features.  We look forward to continuing to work with Sam and Katie to ensure that the Pulhamite features here are well preserved and able to be enjoyed by visitors for many years to come."

- Corinne Price - Swiss Garden Manager
Royal Pavillions, Brighton

"Katie supported me on the production of a major motion picture that was filmed inside the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. It was stated at an early stage that the cost of Katie’s assistance as an independent consultant was to be met by the production company, which they were happy to oblige. Not only did she provide support to us with planning reasonable terms of reference for the film company operating on site, but also was on site with me over the three days providing advice during set up, filming and strike. Her contacts at other historic properties that were being filmed at meant that our terms were aligned with theirs, and also provided us with valuable information regarding the crew behaviour in advance."

- Andy Thackray - Object Conservator
Filming Department, English Heritage

"English Heritage have worked with Katie on a number of occasions to facilitate filming at historic properties and monuments across the country. She is experienced in delivering all aspects of a successful shoot, including preparing delicate historic spaces for set-dressing, supervising elements of construction and complex set builds, and overseeing working crews on a film set. Her ability to respond to the fast-paced and dynamic environment of a film set with professionalism and discretion, and adopt a solution-focused approach to responding to client requests, makes her an invaluable asset on a project. We look forward to working with Aldis and May on new projects in future."

- Katherine Haslingden - Filming Co-ordinator
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